Standard clich? for custom diaries

How and for what the Carbon clich? was created

By creating a personal design diary, we give customers the opportunity to maximize their scope on the cover. The daily today is not just a useful gift, it is an important business merch. It enhances a customer's loyalty by creating a wow effect upon receipt and reminding the company during its use.

By making the service for individual products as affordable as possible, we strive to create universal forms of felling, clichés and hives that will allow the client to create an interesting design and remain within the budget. By choosing a standard embossing cliché, you can save on the cost of making it by paying only for the blow. This savings will be especially noticeable on embosses from 100 cm2, which are made in cut. It is to such embossing that our standard Carbon embossing belongs. The cliché got its name due to the similarity of the pattern obtained from embossing with the pattern of carbon material. In the production of this material, hydrocarbon warp threads are intertwined according to several typical schemes adopted in the textile industry, for our clichés we chose the cutest and most effective Twill pattern (Christmas tree). We decided to introduce the Carbon cliché into the list of standard ones due to the growing popularity of the material of the same name.

Technologies are constantly developing, this made it possible to reduce the cost of manufacturing carbon. Due to the price reduction, material from expensive defense and aircraft design industries is distributed to many other areas - automotive, shipbuilding, construction, production of sports equipment and tools. Today carbon is used by many companies from many industries, the material is familiar to many, so this embossing will be very recognizable and relevant!

Before the final cliché was made, all the elements were coordinated for a month and dozens of versions of the ideal layout were worked on, the machine worked continuously for a week - all this so that a stylish and relevant version of the personalization of the cover appeared in our assortment. The use of the standard Carbon cliché when embossing gives savings on circulation of 38 thousand rubles, this is how much it costs to make this cliché.

By connecting the fantasy and choosing options for using this embossing for different industries, changing the color of the cover binding material and using a thematic drawing or logo, you will receive a ready-made offer for various industries:

Aircraft or aircraft engine elements + corporate company color or colors associated with the sky - and you have an offer for the airline industry, where carbon is most common.

We use white material and an image of a yacht - and you have an offer for sellers of snow-white yachts and boats, they also use carbon.

Bicycle + corporate color; helmet + corporate color; club + corporate color is a proposal for the sports industry, since many elements of sports equipment are made of carbon.

This embossing will also be relevant for the textile industry. Use beige material, and you no longer have a "carbon car part" in your hands, but "natural cotton."

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