Environmentally friendly diaries in the range of TM

In our assortment there are ecopositions, which can be supplemented with gift sets for those customers who care about nature not only in words

Our eco-products are the implementation of the main directions of the resource saving policy:

Reusing things
The Modern Eco model is the greenest of our range. The craft board cover can be completely reworked. The individual design of the diary can be made in a minimalistic style, emphasizing the naturalness of the materials. Or you can make it bright - thereby showing that eco-friendly gifts can be beautiful and unusual. The eco-daily will perfectly fit into a set of eco-gifts assembled in a shop made of natural materials.

For those who follow conscious consumption and reuse of things, we have several kinds of Superbugs (Art 981, Art 982, Art 991, Art 993). By replacing the diary block that will go into recycling, the cover can be used for several years. The presence of pockets will allow you to store various little things in them and eliminate the need to purchase additional clutches, pencils, etc. The power jacket will be well combined.

The dust jacket will work well in sets with gifts that suggest the same reuse (thermo circles, for example)

And a few words about the resource saving policy at our enterprise. First of all, this is working with certified paper suppliers who invest in the resumption of forest resources. We regularly process paper trimmings for recycling. Separate garbage collection is organized in the office and in production.

Therefore, by offering eco-themed products from our range, you can be sure that they are made at an enterprise where they really care about the environment.

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