Polymer sticker
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    Классика: Hard, Soft, Flap, Spain; Модерн: Hard, Flap, Spain, Hard Light; Хайтек: Hard, Soft
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Polymer stickers are a special kind of stickers. The printed image is cut out using an optical positioning plotter, and then filled with resin, which, when cured, forms a kind of transparent lens. Operations are performed on high-tech equipment, which completely eliminates image displacement, and the shape of the sticker corresponds to the specified parameters. The rounded corners of the resin stickers are the result of the surface tension of the liquid. The molecules of the polymer, spreading along the cut-out surface of the film marked with a contour, are in constant attraction to each other. This physical force does not allow the resin to spread arbitrarily, forming an acute angle, but, on the contrary, form a shape rounded at the edges. Polymer resin makes the sticker glossy, voluminous and very beautiful, and also performs the function of protection: it is resistant to mechanical damage, protects the sticker from moisture and aggressive environments.

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