Тиснение цветной фольгой
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Foil stamping is the creation of a relief image with a metallic coating on various types of materials, including laminated paper, cardboard, leather, leatherette. The technology of foil stamping is based on the use of cliches with a relief of the required image made on them and specialized foil. An embossing foil is placed between the stamp and the material to be embossed - a multi-component system that includes a film base, a separating layer, a varnish layer, a metal or color pigment layer, and an adhesive layer. The cliche is heated to a certain temperature, and then pressed into the material with great force and, acting on the foil, selectively melts the separating layer, thus transferring the metal or pigment layer to the print due to pressure. This technology is used for finishing and branding printed products. Embossing foil can be matte or glossy, different colors, holographic or pearly, with special textures.

Foil color

  • glossy foil: red, green, blue;
  • matte foil: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple, gray, black.

List of standard cliches.

Technological features
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