Скрытые магниты под ручку
  • Models
    Модерн: Hard, Eco
  • Product types
    ежедневник, еженедельник, блокнот, алфавитная книжка
  • Product format
    13х21, 15х21 см

Even from the most environmentally friendly, the simplest material - cardboard, you can make a cover. Thanks to the hidden magnets under the handle and its correct choice, the cover design is more memorable. Personalization is suitable for products 15x21, 13x21.

  • the handle is not included in the insert.
  • the price includes standard cliché #60.
  • the type of embossing depends on the model: Moden Hard - blind embossing; Modern Eco — foil stamping.
Technological features
Requirements for layout