Gilding/silvering edge
  • Models
    Классика*: Soft, Hard, Flex, Duo Flex, Supercover, Flap, Flap Light; Модерн: Hard, Flex, Duo Flex, Supercover, Flex Pen, Spine, Flap, Flap Light, Hard Light; Хайтек: Soft, Hard, Duo Flex (планинги)
  • Product types
    ежедневник, еженедельник, блокнот, планинг, алфавитная книжка
  • Product format
    все кроме 38х20 см

Gilding/silvering of the edge of a block is the operation of decorating the edge of a block by applying gold or silver foil to the edge. The operation is performed on specialized equipment: a thin layer of foil is glued under pressure around the perimeter of the block from three sides, for blocks that are placed in the lid of Flex Pen models - from four.

Technological features
Requirements for layout