Block edge coloring
  • Models
    Классика: Soft, Hard, Flex, Flap, Flap Light, Supercover; Модерн: Hard, Hard Light, Flex, Metal Flex, Flex Pen, Duo Flex, Metal Duo Flex, Flap, Flap Light, Spain, Supercover
  • Product types
    ежедневник, еженедельник, блокнот, алфавитная книжка
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Coloring the edge of the block is the operation of decorating the edge of the block by applying a special paint to the edge, sprayed in an even layer on the edge of the finished blocks. Painting is carried out along the perimeter of the block from three sides, for blocks that are placed in the cover of Flex Pen models - from four.  Red, burgundy, brown, orange, yellow, light green, green, cyan, light blue, blue, dark blue, lilac, gray and black.

Technological features
Requirements for layout