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We present a new business haberdashery - a card case with a self-adhesive layer on the phone (art. 660) - an excellent alternative to paying with a phone, since the card, like your mobile phone, will always be with you!

Any bank card easily fits into a 6.5x9.5 cm case and 2mm thick, it fits tightly around the card, preventing it from falling out. Such an accessory is suitable for those who love compactness and do not want to be limited to standard solutions. The case is made of high-quality new material from our range. A self-adhesive layer is applied on the back, which allows you to securely attach the case to your phone or other gadget. With such an assistant, you can not only keep your card at hand, but also give personality to your phone by branding the case at your request. Express your personality in a new way with our convenient business novelty!

Your Adjutant!

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