Absolute novelty — folder-tablet for papers


Folder-tablet for papers with magnetic flap

We are constantly working on expanding our assortment of business haberdashery and present you with an absolute novelty, our new development of a folder-tablet for papers (art. 689).
The novelty is presented in a new material from our range, equipped with a magnetic flap and has a rigid frame, which allows you to protect your documents from damage. The valve is securely fixed with magnets and prevents the contents from falling out.

The folder is intended for storage and transportation of documents. It is practical and roomy: it can easily fit up to 50 A4 sheets.

Our new product is multifunctional: on the one hand, it is a folder in which you can store important documents, on the other hand, it is a tablet, using which it is convenient to make important notes, conduct events, presentations and conferences.

The convenient location of the magnets in the valve makes it possible to hold sheets of paper and a metal pen. Now you have everything at your fingertips for any event in your corporate merch!
The folder-tablet will be an excellent assistant in the study and office, and thanks to its compact size it will become an indispensable companion on business trips and travels.

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