Additional discount on dated blocks 2023

Discounts for those who wanted, but did not have time to order diaries for 23 years last year.

Planning for 2023 does not have to start from January 1, it can start from any day, so the 2023-dated diaries will be relevant for almost a whole year. For those who think also - a special additional discount on dated blocks of 2023 - 10%.

There are currently blocks in stock:

256 - 15x21 diary, white paper, gray graphics, 256 pages, rounded corner - 3300 pcs.

910 - diary 15x21, white paper, gray graphics, 336 pages, right angle with perforation - 1900 pcs.

907 - daily 20x27, white paper, burgundy graphics, 336 pages, right angle with perforation - 500 pcs.

940 - planning 38x20, white paper, burgundy graphics, 128 pages - less than 200

947 - planning 32x15, white paper, blue graphics, 128 pages - less than 100

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Availability and your maximum benefit on order, taking into account all current discounts - check with your manager.

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