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As part of the # piggy bank _ of ideas _ column, Adutant will tell you about the possibilities of using horizontal stitching.

Using the example of the design of "Oil Production," see how you can use horizontal stitching to beat the separation of space above and below ground - to display ground and underground structures. This idea will be relevant not only for oil production, but also for other underdeveloped industries.

You can depict equipment on the upper material, and on the lower quarry, a well, a tunnel, depict deposits of natural minerals.

The design is relevant for the aviation and space industries, when you show the airspace with the upper blue or blue material, and the lower Earth surface.

The space under water and above water can also be shown by crosslinking. For example, on the lower material, depict the complex structure of the oil rig, and on the upper - its surface part. And fishing - branded trawlers on the top material and a rich sea world - on the bottom.

In addition to various design solutions, the advantage of stitching is the possibility of using 2 corporate colors in the product and a combination of 2 materials times

In addition to various design solutions, the advantage of stitching is the ability to use 2 corporate colors in the product and a combination of 2 materials of different textures, which helps to create interesting tactile effects.

You define the location of the stitch yourself, implementing your ideas, (there are only small restrictions on the mandatory indentation from the upper and lower edges of the product)

To add a link to the order, in the 3rd step in the Designer, select the personalization Bimaterials - Combi 1, and select the required materials.

Feel free to fantasize with different stitching options to create corporate masterpieces!

We will gradually add all the ideas of the "Piggy bank of ideas" column to the Dealer zone, you can always download files from there and send them to the client.

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