We continue to give gifts

And recall the events that will be in effect this year

The whole of January will be a 10% discount on the order of the Freestyle series of diaries. This will allow you to:
It is profitable to place an order for the upcoming gender holidays on February 23 and March 8
create an in-house merch for the company at a bargain price
within the budget to make more personalizations and offer customers more creative products.
Recall the events that will continue to operate here this year:We are open for excursions to our production, so that you and your customers can see how corporate masterpieces are created. Send applications to velikanova@adjutant.ru or dealer @ adjutant.ru We are ready to take part in your client events, tell and show our products, come up with designs for their future orders with customers. Send invitations to velikanova@adjutant.ru or dealer@adjutant.ru
On issues of working with the Designer or the assortment of TM "Adjutant" you can take Zoom training or we can hold a personal training meeting. Apply for training by mail to igor@poni.spb.ru or dealer@adjutant.ru
There is an offer with free storage of orders in our warehouse. You can make an order in advance and not worry about where and how to store finished products.
There will be new proposals that we are now actively working on.

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