50 materials at a price of only 1 ruble!

On the eve of the New Year, do not forget about the upcoming February 23 and March 8. Our offer for these holidays.

For gift sets by February 23 and March 8, the products of our business haberdashery and recording products made in the same style are very relevant. You can order them by combining the main material of the customer's corporate color + the sale category material and offer the client a stylish and useful gift at an attractive price.

Sale materials are updated annually, and you have very little time left to order materials from this year's layout. 50 materials are now available at a price of only 1 ruble. Using textured materials, you can create interesting designs. The layout contains materials that imitate the texture of wood and linen - relevant for companies working with natural materials. Silver colors will emphasize belonging to metallurgy. And the noble brilliance of Velour Melange is suitable for jewelry, for example.

Take advantage of an offer that will break the mold that custom products are expensive!

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