Today PONY is 27 years old! The figure is not small, nor are our achievements by this age.

The total circulation of products amounted to 19,858,967 pieces. These products were manufactured as part of 101,562 orders and were sent to more than 1,560 customers across the country through our dealer network.
Today there are 48 companies among our dealers. Friends, and those who have been with us for a long time, and who became a member of our extended family quite recently - it is thanks to you that we can boast of such numbers. Thank you for this!
A huge merit in the longevity of the company belongs to its team. A well-coordinated team, which is growing every year and today consists of 191 people, has been supporting the traditional quality for PONI for many years, introducing new technologies, setting trends in the business merch market, creating always relevant products for recording and planning.
PONY plans to grow, master new production opportunities, expand the range and geography of partners. Friends, we are sure that you will share these plans for the future with us!

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