New eco-friendly Art 966 unit

A new block of the Art 966 diary with a tinted paper effect has appeared in our assortment.

The effect of rendering is achieved not by additional coloring, but by reducing the use of optical brighteners in production. The paper retains a natural tint of natural cellulose. This method allows you to reduce production costs and reduce the cost of the unit. A shortened production cycle reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere and becomes more environmentally friendly.

Naturalness makes its own adjustments to technology. Cellulose, like everything in nature, cannot be exactly the same color. With the consistency of all the proportions added in the production of paper substances, it is impossible to repeat the tone to the final color. Thus, the subtle differences in the tone of the block indicate the environmental friendliness of a product created using new technologies.

Art. 966 - undated, 256 strips, made in Concept graphics, 15x21 cm - suitable for all Modern models.

Detailed information on the block page.

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