Tactile perception of the diary cover

Swedish scientists at the Royal Institute of Technology have conducted research to measure human tactile perception.

They found that fingertips can sense the difference between a smooth surface and a patterned surface with protrusions as high as 13 nanometers, the height of one molecule *. (For comparison, a sheet of paper has a thickness of about 100,000 nanometers).

We also conducted a study and compared the tactile effect of the already beloved Soft Touch and our new Nice Touch. And they found that both materials are incredibly pleasant to the touch, and the first is perfect for lovers of smooth surfaces, and the second for those who need to see and feel the texture of the material.

Nice Touch was designed specifically for the Adjutant TM and is available for order only from us in the most trendy colors of the season.

You can find these and other materials in the Materials category on our website, check the remainder in the dealer area or with the manager.

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