New Standard Blint and Foil Embossing Clich?s

We are in a hurry to report that we have new standard clich?s for pancake and foil embossing. They are already available to the institution in order in the Designer.

One way to reduce the cost of an order is to use standard clichés (you only pay for a "hit"). We update designs every year so you have more opportunities to make original pieces for a smaller budget.

This year we added large embosses from 100 sq. cm to the catalog of standard clichés, using them, your savings will be up to 35,000 (!) Per circulation.

Standard clichés 2023 are already available for order and we want to note that some of them have updated the design.

All new samples are available from the link (site section Personalization - Personalization of the cover - Standard clichés) and are also added to the Designer. (Recall that in the Designer you select embossing in the 4th step "Personalization").

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with our new products in order to offer them to create future corporate masterpieces for your customers!

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