The Big catalog of TM

And he is ready to become your main electronic assistant

The first thing we say to our new partners is that you will achieve maximum success in selling Freestyle series diaries when you know the product well. In Constructor, you will feel like a fish in water as soon as you understand the difference between the models; and the independent establishment of an order, the exhibition of KP and the signing of BPZ will become elementary, you should master personalization.

We are ready to teach all this at ZOOM meetings. But in addition, we have released a convenient tool that is always at hand and can become both a training material for new sales employees and a desktop buyer's encyclopedia.

You can download the catalog using this link. It is interactive, which means that you can quickly go to any section from the table of contents and just as quickly go back.

If you have questions about its use, write to the with the proposed date and time for the ZOOM meeting, we will tell you everything in detail!

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