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Manufactures delivery in Saint-Petersburg is based on custumer pickup conditions. Requisitions from other cities are delivered to transportation company.
Lyasse (german Lesezeichen - bookmark) - ribbon-bookmark, lacing (usually silk, braided), one tail of it glues to upper part of book back of book block, the other (free) is put between the pages.

Logoprint is a volumetric label - picture of any colour and form under the layer of epoxide resin sticky based.

Because the manufacturing works with demandidng schedule and is busy with accomplishing of numerous orders. Making of different products, even with the same size, have it's own schedule. Waiting for another lot of products for personalization leads to down time of hardware and people.

In Kombi-1, -3 it;s possible to change the place of a stitching across and on it's vertical. (but not closer than 2 cm. from any edge of a product.) Every curvilineal stitching Kombi-2, -3 has it's own standart size, and it's impossible to move anything on a diary. If the dimentions are changed, standart stitching become individual - Kombi-4

Blint (blind) stamping — getting of colourless deepen picture on binding case by knocking down of a heated (till 90–120°С) metal stamp in it.
Process engineering of hot foil imprint is: the printing block for imprint, that makes foil transfer on binding material, warms up to more than 100°С, that allows to "press down" the foil.
It's possible to put 4 sheets in a diary (8 broadsides)

Blocks 15Х21 with Credo and Sinergy lines have maps of Russia and Europe on end-leaf and backside end-leaf, except product items 917, 918. In theese product item's blocks end-leaves and backside end-leaves are blacked-out, without maps.
All other blocks are without maps and with white end-leaf and backside end-leaf.

Freestyle series
Diaries - from 20 copies.
Natural leather diaries - from 20 copies.
Small standart products (Business card holders 869, 871; Key holder; covers; cases etc.) - from 20 copies,
Big standart products (all the others Business card holders and folders) - from 10 copies.
Bimaterial standart products (Kombi-1, Kombi-2, Kombi-3) - from 20 copies.
Bimaterial individual products (Kombi-1) - from 100 copies.
Small individual products - from 200 copies,
Big individual products - from 50 copies.
Laminated covers - from 50 copies.
Individual address books and undated blocks - from 300 copies.
Gift sets - from 20 copies.
Individual gift boxes - from 100 copies.
Complete series
Diaries - from 20 copies.
Natural leather diaries - from 10 copies.
Business card holders - from 10 copies.
Gift sets - from 10 copies.

Adjutant® – is:

  • full production cycle from raw materials through own manufacturing of  blocks and covers to individually tailored diaries and related products;
  • responsive technology with many exclusive innovative decisions;
  • modern hardware made in Europe;
  • high-quality materials and component parts made in Russia and Europe;
  • innovative solutons in production process management, supported by especially shaped software;
  • especially constructed modern production complex more than 3000 square metres surface, based in Saint-Petersburg;
  • qualified staff.

All this plus 12 years of work experience in technologic and production processes, of studying foreign experience, customer demand, of creating federal dealers network allow to offer to the clients the unique service of creating their own special product and spread it on almost every region of Russia.

Let's create unique diary together.

Full production cycle
Full production cycle
Innovative technologies
Innovative technologies
Modern equipment
Modern equipment
Origional materials
Origional materials
Trained staff
Trained staff
Quality products
Quality products