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Pen holder
Elastic closure
Name plate
Cover personalisation
TM Adjutant offers a wide range of personalization products for planning:
  • Blind stamping - drawing of a logo or other image with a hot press. There are both standard stamping, for example "embossing of the year" and stamping for passports, certificates, menus, and individual stamping, which require the production of unique cliches. Original large stamping in the area of 100cm in a cut and embossing on the spine of the products look original.
  • Stamping with foil - embossing the cover with a hot press with foil. On your choice this can be gold, silver and colored foil: white, black, red, blue or green.
  • Die-cut of the covers is an unusual and rare form of personalization. Standard options include die-cuts in geometric shapes, original cuts can be made upon the request.
  • Selective UV varnish is a simple but effective technology that allows you to emphasize the most unique design details.
  • Original stripes and pen loops, springs and corners are unusual and functional design elements for creating corporate diaries.
  • Logo plates on the rubber band and embossed bookmarks perfectly complement the products and make them more original and functional.