Block personalisation
Personalisation of blocks of diaries includes a variety of technologies:
  • Gilding and silvering the edge is a popular form of decoration of blocks. Diaries with a metallic luster look expensive and presentable.
  • Printing and coloring the edge allows you to produce unique 3D diaries. The image in this case smoothly passes from the cover to the edge of the product.
  • Colorfull and contrast front and end leaf. New modern trend of the design of blocks. You can choose from 14 different colors.
  • Individual front leaf and additional advertising pages can contain information about the company, products or services.
  • Functional envelopes and pockets for business cards supplement corporate diaries, making them more convenient and ergonomic.
  • Individual single and double bookmark. On the original bookmark can be placed the address of the company's website or other contact information, at the discretion of the customer.
  • Small label on the liasse can serve as a bookmark.