FreeStick and calendars

Wall calendars: “Trio calendars” (three blocks with spring), “Quadra” (4 blocks with spring). Wall calendars made from paper materials with laminated reinforced spiegel.
Desk calendar-houses, they contain a paper set except the calendar block: different size and color stickers (adhesive note pads) for notes and multi-colored foil indexes.
Freestick – the multipurpose sets consisting of self-adhesive blocks for notes (stick), blocks on a spring or thermoglue and plastic or paper bookmarks in covers from a cardboard with a lamination and synthetic materials.
The TM Adjutant gives the chance to combine any materials and colors of a collection in Freestick covers, to make stitchings on individual design and also to receive the full-color image using press on synthetic materials.
More than 100 options of die-cuts. Individual stamp production is possible. Minimum order 250 pieces.
The note paper block – note cube can be found on almost any desktop. If you print a logo or information about your company's goods or services on it, such note cube can become a successful marketing tool. A variety of shaped die-cuts, the individual print on the edge, cover, will turn the simple block for notes in original corporate gift or promo souvenir.
Self adhesive indexes are used for temporary marking of pages. Particularly useful in sorting out accounting documents. Bookmarks are made in contrasting bright colors and from different materials: sticky foil indexes do not crinkle and are more durable, and on paper sticky note pads you can make quick notes. Adhesive note pads can be combined into separate sets in a cardboard laminated cover, and also be a part of a full set of Freestick.
The set filling can be different, from a simple paper block in the cover of laminated cardboard with full-color printing and up to more complex sets with stickers, bookmarks, pens or pencils.
The Freestiсk sets in hard covers can be made from binding cardboard, wich is covered with paper with lamination, or with synthetic or paper based materials. The internal filling can be different, depending on the format of the product. Several paper blocks with a binding spring or termoglue can be included in the set, as well as colored indexes. On the cover, a full-color printing with the any image or a blin embossing with logo of company can be made, depending on the type of material.
Z-notes dispensers - sets of adhesive sheets in cardboard boxes. Convenient and functional in use, special paper notes blocks consist of sheets with z-like gluing. This note blocks are in the cardboard box, from notes easily pop out. Depending on the customer's preferences, a corporate logo or any other image can be printed on the box.
Bright and eyecatching Freestick sets can be made in hard original boxes. Paper blocks, bookmarks and even calendars can be placed in various size boxes with full-color printing. Please note that the original boxes-houses with a flap lid like a roof and functional boxes-stands for writing accessories. The Uniqueness and practicality of such office gifts will please the most sophisticated customers.
The Freestiks kits can also be packed in cardboard boxes with full-color printing. Inside you will find a paper block-cube or colored stickers with bright tabs. Sets in the original packaging look neat and presentable. They can become an original promotional gift or a business souvenir.
Memostick - the original board for notes, made of cardboard. The surface of the board is covered with an adhesive layer, which allows you to stick and peel off stickers and business cards repeatedly and securely without buttons or pins. Memostick can be simply and conveniently placed on the wall of the office or home with a double-sided adhesive tape. With the original design Memostick will become a stylish and functional interior detail. With the original design Memostick will become a stylish and functional interior detail.
TM Adjutant offers you a unique and colorful collection of Freestick. The Freestiсk set consists of self-adhesive note blocks (stick), spring blocks or hot glue blocks and self-adhesive bookmarks in cardboard covers with lamination or from synthetic material covers.
Self-adhesive blocks (stick) are presented in 10 different colors. Paper with an adhesive strip is used for recordings and operative notes and can be glued to various surfaces, as well as special Memostick boards. On sticky paper, personalized customization can be performed by printing of the company logo or individual printing.
Blocks on a spring or hot melt glue in various formats 95х153mm and 75х120mm.
Self-adhesive bookmarks are designed for temporary marking of pages. They can be made of different materials: adhesive plastic indexes do not crinkle and are more durable, and on paper sticky bookmarks you can make notes.
TM Adjutant allows you to combine in the covers of Freestiсk any materials and colors of the collection and make stitching according to the individual design, with the application of brand personalization. Covers can be made of synthetic materials with embossing, as well as laminated cardboard with full-color printing.
By remaining an independent solution, Freestiсk can also complement the corporate gift set from a daily, weekly planner or business smallware in a single corporate style.